Abstract landscapes

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NEW: Created a book cover for “Now-a-nights” by Ricardo Moran. — The idea to create landscapes from boxes isn’t new, but the effect is still awesome! The ones below are small / low resolution renders. A full render of 8000×3500 picesl takes up to 5 hours on my workstation (!) (dual Xeon 10 core)

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Sometimes you start with a project not knowing where it will lead to. This is hapening with this Tobi-Tiger creation. In my spare time Tobi started as a quick try in 3D and I ended up liking the character a lot. So I continued working on it up to the point where an almost complete ...

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Corona Spin

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I have been using Vray for many years now and although I know that one quite well, it is always a good thing to try new options. Corona is such one and lot’s of people are talking about it so I had to give Corona Render a spin. Setting up the scene wat really simple and ...

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Today I have been trying out to setup feathers for a bird. For this I used Hairfarm for 3DsMax. This plugin is very stable, and performance is quite good.  With Ornatrix I still have some issues, but give it a new try in the near future. Currently this seetup has only 1 emitter with 1 feather, ...

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