I have been using Vray for many years now and although I know that one¬†quite well, it is always a good thing to try new options. Corona is such one and lot’s of people are talking about it so I had to give Corona Render a spin.
Setting up the scene wat really simple and the out-of-the box settings work nicely.

The Corona render does only use the CPU for rendering, which to my knowledge is slower than using GPU. (I often like to use Vray RT to render on the GPU)

But to my surprise Corona renders quit fast. The 2 tests below are only 5 to 10 min renders and yes there is still grain/noise, but for an interior scene with full GI rendering on the CPU this is such an amazing speed. Converting Vray materials with the provided script works so far. Haven’t bumped into issues so far. So the next couple of day I keep testing out Corona, but so far it could be a render enging which I’ll add to my belt.