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Menno van Dijk

Hi, my name is Menno van Dijk and for about 20 years, I have been working independently for various Advertising agencies and companies on commercial assignments.During this period I have created a variety of projects from campaign artwork to 3D modeling, animation and film and video editing. Some days are crazy, but I love doing what I do.Clients and project: Microsoft, Opel, Mastercard, Specsavers, Bosch, Bose, Bovag, Marriott, Sanofi, Nuon.
I have had many years working in ALL aspects of the 2d and 3d process, this combined with commercial way of thinking makes a unique combination.One day, being on a film set working as a camera operator or DOP, another day editing and compositing short movies and commercials and a third day 3D modeling a product or character for a commercial or advertising artwork.
My passion is creating concepts, design and animation. Working with a small team of like minded people with a common goal is something i love doing.